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Convert your ETH into sUSD

Looking to make a purchase from the Synthetix store? You'll need some sUSD first! Convert your ETH into sUSD by using and continue shopping here.

Remember, after shopping, you can always convert the remaining sUSD to SNX from, as sUSD is fully backed by SNX.

Introducing sUSD — Synthetix's stablecoin

sUSD is the stablecoin within the Synthetix Network, and is the first Synth to be backed by SNX. sUSD is designed to keep a stable value of USD$1, and provides a decentralised and scalable solution to price fluctuations in the blockchain ecosystem.
Use sUSD for everyday purchases

The Synthetix eStore demonstrates the suitability of a stablecoin for such everyday purposes as e-Commerce.

Leveraging the best qualities of cryptocurrency

Stablecoins offer the speed, reliability, security, and simplicity of cryptocurrency, while also providing stability. 

A stable medium of exchange

Synthetix provides a cryptocurrency that combats price fluctuation, suitable for remittance of all kinds.