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What is eUSD?
eUSD is the initial nomin (stablecoin) within the Havven network, and is backed by ether rather than havvens until havven-backed nomins are launched in Q2, 2018.

How can I obtain eUSD?

You can obtain eUSD by converting ETH or purchasing it at a decentralised exchange such as Radar Relay. In order to make the conversion easier for our community, we built a converter tool, which you can use to convert ETH into eUSD to use in our eStore or convert your eUSD back to ETH anytime.

How can I pay with eUSD?

At the end of the checkout flow, you’ll be presented with three payment options: MetaMask, MyEtherWallet and a manual entry wallet-to-wallet transfer. You can use any of these options to transfer eUSD to our eStore wallet.

How does the order process work?

Every order you make on the Havven eStore will create an order in our system. You’re required to transfer the correct eUSD amount to our eStore wallet address that we presented in the checkout within 24hrs.

How will I be notified that my payment has gone through?

We will capture your wallet address during the checkout flow and use EtherScan to check the payments made to our eStore address. Once your payment is confirmed with the correct amount, you’ll receive a payment confirmation email from us. I accidentally sent too little eUSD.

What should I do now?

You have 24 hours to send the full amount, if you can’t send the full amount within 24 hours, your payment will be refunded to the same wallet address. I made an incorrect order.

How can I cancel it?

If you made an incorrect selection and already made the payment, please inform us at info@havven.io. If you haven’t made the payment yet for that order, it will automatically be cancelled 24 hours after making the order.


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